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Many of the world's largest construction firms, EPC firms, design/builders, project owners, design firms, and lenders trust Stein Ray LLP to handle complex construction litigation with billions of dollars at stake.

In 1996, after a nationwide search including a "beauty contest" among twelve highly qualified firms, Stein Ray was selected by a Denver based top 10 EPC firm to defend it in a $60 million dollar dispute involving geotechnical engineering and construction management issues.

In 1997, a California based top 10 EPC firm turned to Stein Ray to defend it against a multi-million dollar delay and lost profits claim inIdaho.

During 1999, Stein Ray was selected to defend a top 20 EPC firm from a $20 million dollar claim in a suit venued in South Dakota; a large-scale litigation in Indiana relating to a famous stadium; and the defense of a $30 million dollar claim in New Mexico by a top 5 EPC firm.

In 2001, Stein Ray began services for a top 20 contractor in resolution of a $50 million dollar dispute at an airport in Detroit and for a  top 5 EPC firm of a $40 million claim arising from a power plant project in Indiana.

In Detroit again, in 2002, Stein Ray was selected for a $76 million dispute involving a water treatment plant.

In 2003, Stein Ray was selected by ownership to represent a power plant in Guatemala involving a $80 million dollar dispute.

A top 30 contractor asked Stein Ray to defend it from a $150 million dollar claim involving high rise construction in 2004.

In 2005, Stein Ray was selected to arbitrate a dispute before an ICC tribunal arising out of a Chinese petrochemical project and to defend a claim involving wind towers built in Utah venued in Federal Court in New York.

2006 cases included a top 10 EPC firm's defense from a $78 million dollar claim arising from the St. Louis MetroLink Extension Project, the defense of several large condominium claims in California, and a claim by ownership against a contractor involving a Florida hotel tower. It also advised on several rail collision matters in this period.

In 2007, Stein Ray was selected by ownership to handle a delay claim involving a high rise condominium with $60 million at stake; to defend an owner from contractor claims involving a hotel in Armenia, and to prosecute several claims involving petrochemical facilities.

In 2008, Stein Ray defended from a $30 million delay claim arising from power plant boiler reconstruction; was called upon to advise on a waste pelletizer project in Ontario; completed an assignment involving a D-B-O contract for a Houston water treatment plant and was involved in the prosecution of multi-million dollar construction defect claims in Charleston, San Francisco and other cities.

In 2009, Stein Ray prosecuted a general contractor's claims for additional compensation related to the delay in the construction of hotels in Vermont and Arizona with $40 million at stake, assisted a design-build contractor in defending and prosecuting multi-million dollar claims arising from the construction of a PVC plant in Louisiana, and assisted a major lender in defeating mechanic's lien claims for a Chicago hotel project.

In 2010, assignments from owners of multi-billion dollar power plants, and an oil pipeline transport company involved hundreds of millions of dollars in potential claims. A major refiner and a company with international mining interests also requested Stein Ray's assistance with major claims amounting to nearly one half billion dollars.

In 2011, Stein Ray commenced the defense of a multi-million dollar claim against a design builder involving a brine plant in Arkansas. Also, Stein Ray was selected for a $75 million claim brought by a major lender in connection with a resort project in Colorado.

In 2012, Stein Ray began representation of an international mining consortium in connection with nearly one-half billion dollars in claims arising from a project in Madagascar.

In 2013, Stein Ray was retained for defense of a $40 million claim involving a Utah mineral processing facility. Stein Ray was also retained by one of the world's leading EPC contractors to investigate alleged false claims arising from a project in Afghanistan.

In 2014, Stein Ray became involved in the defense of an EPC firm against claims in excess of $1 billion in connection with a refinery project.  In that year, Stein Ray also tried three ICC arbitrations in connection with related projects with combined claims in excess of $500 million. It also began work on a chemical processing plant dispute with hundreds of millions dollars at stake. 

In 2015, Stein Ray took on the defense of a global EPCM Contractor against a pair of claims arising from a first-of-its-kind nickel and cobalt mine and mineral processing facility in Eastern Canada with stakes of approximately $1 billion (US). Stein Ray was also engaged with respect to a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility dispute in Western Canada.  

In 2016, assignments ranged from defense of a $100 million claim involving a chemical processing facility in Tennessee, a claim for $80 million in connection with a power generating facility in Illinois and a claim and defense from disrupted progress of a Mexican pipeline.

In 2017, Stein Ray has been retained to defend and prosecute multi-million dollar claims in an international arbitration involving a single source organic facility in Eastern Canada, defend a joint venture from schedule impact claims of 70 million involving a highway expansion project in Florida and represent international industrial process technology and equipment vendor in a dispute with a large Australian mining concern involving a new facility to process tailings water. 

Table of recent domestic matters:

EPC Contractor Defense of claims arising from refinery expansion In excess of $1,000,000,000
EPCM ContractorDefense of claims arising from nickel and cobalt mine and mineral refinery projectApproximately $1,000,000,000
Power Plant Owner

Analysis and advice on overrun of target price contract for 1600 MW power plant. Assist in negotiation of disputes arising from delay and defective work

Top 30 Contractor Defense of lost profits claim arising from failed development of high rise project $150,000,000
Major Stadium Design Team Defense of design claim involving NFL stadium $80,000,000
Joint Venture Prosecution of delay and scope claims involving water treatment plant $75,000,000
Top 5 EPC Firm Defense of claim for delay and lost profit damages by owner of a semiconductor chip manufacturing facility $70,000,000
Top 10 Engineering Firm Defense of error and omission claim with respect to deep tunnel project $60,000,000
National Developer Defense and prosecution of delay claims for condo project $60,000,000
Top 20 Contractor Prosecution of a claim against surety for completion costs for airport terminal $50,000,000
Top 5 EPC Contractor  Defense of claim arising from LNG facility in British Columbia $50,000,000
Top 5 EPC Contractor 
Defense of claims related to a mineral processing facility $40,000,000
Top 5 EPC Firm Defense of schedule impact claims involving a highway expansion project in Southeast US. $70,000,000
Top 5 EPC Firm Defense of claim for consequential damages, including lost profits, for failure to design and construct synthetic caffeine plant to meet output requirements $40,000,000
Top 5 EPC Firm
Defense of claim related to start up and commissioning at power plant $40,000,000
International Water Infrastructure Provider Defense from claim of design and manufacturing defects arising from the construction of brine processing plant $30,000,000
International Bank Defense from claims of general contractor against owner of resort property $30,000,000
Top 20 Engineering firm Defense of breach of contract action alleging rights in government remediation contracts $20,000,000
Top 100 Engineering Firm Personal injury claims arising from collapse of structural steel at new Chicago Post Office $20,000,000
Top 5 EPC Firm Prosecution of claim for recovery of liquidated damages insurance coverage arising from delayed completion of distillery $20,000,000
Top 50 A/E Firm Defense of claims involving a famous college football stadium $20,000,000

Verdicts and Awards

Stein Ray has tried nearly one hundred cases in the state and federal courts. Some of the more notable verdicts and awards include:

  • As counsel for the US subsidiary of a Canadian pipeline company, Stein Ray prosecuted claims in arbitration for engineering defects occurring along a 2,000 mile oil pipeline. The claims included delay, soil subsidence, and pipe support design.
  • Stein Ray defended an owner of a $50MM resort from contractor claims and prosecuted the owner’s defective work claims in a bench trial spanning 20 weeks.
  • Stein Ray defended an owner against a Type II subsurface soil condition claim and prosecuted a claim for diesel engine design defects at a Guatemalan power plant resulting in an award worth $80MM to Stein Ray's client.
  • Stein Ray successfully defended a major water treatment company from a claim of $6.0MM which arose from the construction of an Arizona power plant and recovered the full contract balance of $2.0MM.
  • Stein Ray recovered $6.2MM (Canadian Dollar) against Underwriter's for coverage for liquidated damages assessed against a top 5 EPC firm in connection with the late mechanical completion of one of Canada's largest alcohol distilleries.
  • Stein Ray obtained an arbitration award on behalf of an EPC contractor against an erection subcontractor for a waste water treatment system.
  • Stein Ray prosecuted and defended delay claims in an arbitration which included 90 days of evidence.
  • Stein Ray defended an environmental engineering firm from a $15MM claim for breach of contract in connection with Army Corp of Engineers directed remediation work.
  • Stein Ray obtained a "not guilty" verdict in a $20MM claim arising from wrongful death and personal injuries incurred in the collapse of structural steel for the New Chicago Post Office.
  • Stein Ray won a $1,400,000 jury verdict against Northwest Airlines for a computer integration firm in a breach of contract action over preliminary design services. The jury returned its verdict after a three-week trial. In addition, the jury found in favor of Stein Ray's client on the defendant's counterclaim for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Stein Ray won a $1.8 million dollar jury verdict for a mechanical subcontractor for delays, work acceleration and lost profits arising from the construction of a civic arena.