Stein Ray helps clients in the construction industry draft and negotiate contracts, and provides strategic counsel on allocating project risks and rewards.

Stein Ray has extensive transactional experience across all industries served, including energy, transportation, process facilities, water treatment, and building.  That experience includes both drafting and negotiation of construction contracts, general conditions, purchase orders, professional services agreements, joint venture agreements, EPC contracts, and a wide variety of forms, waivers, and associated documents required by Stein Ray’s clients to implement these agreements.  Stein Ray’s transactional practice includes risk assessment and counseling clients regarding the risks associated with each agreement and how those risks can be mitigated through the drafting and negotiation process. 

Stein Ray is also well-versed in all types of insurance coverage applicable to its clients’ businesses and assists clients in advocating for and obtaining coverage from both first party and third party carriers.  The firm has successfully litigated questions of insurance coverage in state and federal court around the country.  Stein Ray brings to its transactional practice its insurance coverage experience and extensive, industry specific litigation background, which enhances its ability to draft and negotiate agreements that provide the greatest protection to its clients in the event of a future dispute.