International Arbitration

Stein Ray LLP represents clients in high-stakes international arbitrations administered by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), other organizations, and in self-administered proceedings around the world. Stein Ray’s experience in large-scale complex international arbitration proceedings is rivaled by no other firm focused on the construction industry.  Some of the firm’s international arbitration engagements include the following:

In 2022, Stein Ray was retained to represent a consortium of three leading EPCM firms in a dispute involving a PPP contract to design, construct, operate, and maintain a $4.5 billion transnational bridge connecting the United States and Canada.

In 2021, Stein Ray was selected to represent the prime contractor, a joint venture between one of the largest American and one of the largest Japanese EPCM firms, in a series of disputes, venued in London and Vancouver, involving one the largest LNG processing facilities in the world located in Western Canada.

In 2020, Stein Ray was selected to represent a consortium led by two of the world’s largest EPCM firms in a series of London-venued disputes arising out of FEED, engineering, procurement, and construction services on a $45 billion Caspian Basin oilfield expansion project in a country in Central Asia.

In 2019, Stein Ray was retained to represent one of Europe’s largest construction firms in a dispute involving the construction of a new $12 billion hydroelectric power plant in Atlantic Canada, on which the client served as a principal contractor.  Each side’s claims against the other exceed $300 million and involve allegations of delay, disruption, and wrongful termination.

In 2018, Stein Ray has been retained to be lead counsel in prosecution of two ICC arbitrations related to the construction of the new Mexico City International Airport with stakes combined of $70 million (US).  Stein Ray was also retained defend a global engineering firm in a dispute involving the design and construction of a $5 billion chemical plant in Central Canada involving claims in excess of $700 million.

In 2017, Stein Ray was retained to defend and prosecute multi-million dollar claims in an international arbitration involving a single source organic waste processing facility in Eastern Canada and to represent an international industrial process technology, and an equipment vendor in a dispute with a large Australian mining concern involving a new facility to process tailings water.

In 2016Stein Ray took on a claim and defense from disrupted progress of a Mexican pipeline.

In 2015, Stein Ray defended a global EPCM Contractor against a pair of claims arising from a first-of-its-kind nickel and cobalt mine and mineral processing facility in Eastern Canada with combined stakes exceeding $1 billion (US).

In 2014, Stein Ray tried three ICC arbitrations in connection with related projects with combined claims in excess of $500 million.

In 2012, Stein Ray began representation of an international mining consortium in connection with nearly one-half billion dollars in claims arising from a project in Madagascar.

In 2010, a major refiner and a company with international mining interests requested Stein Ray’s assistance with major claims amounting to nearly one half billion dollars

In 2007, Stein Ray was selected to defend an owner from contractor claims involving a hotel in Armenia.

In 2003, Stein Ray was selected by ownership to represent a power plant in Guatemala involving a $80 million dollar dispute.

Table of Recent International Litigation and Arbitration Matters:


 Summary of engagement

 Amount in controversy (or award)

Project Location

EPCM Contractor

Defense of claims arising from nickel mine and first-of-its-kind processing facility 



European construction firm Prosecution and defense of claims arising from the construction of a $12 billion hydroelectric generating facility involving the allegations of delay, disruption, and wrongful termination $600,000,000 Canada

EPC Arbitration

Defense of claims arising from delayed completion of gas processing facility.



Mining Consortium– Power Plant

Prosecution of owner’s claims for defective work and delay, and defense of claim for delay and prolongation costs



Mining Consortium– Slurry Pipeline

Prosecution and defense of claims related to delay, geotechnical issues, and work scope 



Energy Transmission Company

Claim and defense of disrupted pipeline 



Mining Consortium– Nickel and Cobalt Ore Refinery 

Prosecution and defense for claims of delay 



Fortune 500 Owner

Defense of claims involving soil conditions and plant performance for a Central American Power Plant



Engineering firm Dispute arising from the Mexican government’s cancellation of a new airport megaproject $70,000,000 Mexico

EPC Contractor

Defense of claim arising from liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility.



Top 5 U.S. contractor Dispute arising out of the design and construction of a first-of-its-kind organics processing plant with water treatment capabilities. $20,000,000 Canada

Top EPC Firm

Prosecution of claims arising from design errors of Engineering Technology subcontractor.



Engineering Firm

Defense of errors and omissions claim



Process Facility Owner

Prosecution of claims arising from delay against efficacy insurer



Oil Pipeline Transportation Company

Prosecution of claims for defective design of oil transmission pipeline



Hotel Owner

Defense from claims of general contractor