Verdicts & Awards

Stein Ray’s strength comes from its long track record of successfully trying and arbitrating cases, and is the go-to firm for matters that are put before a trier of fact.  The following are representative examples of outcomes of recent matters that Stein Ray has taken to final judgment, verdict, or arbitration award on behalf of its clients.

  • Stein Ray represented a major U.S.-based construction firm in a dispute arising out of the construction of a large luxury hotel in Austin, Texas in which the owner asserted more than $75 million in claims against Stein Ray’s client.  Following an arbitration hearing on the merits before a three-member panel, Stein Ray’s client successfully defeated all of the claims.
  • Stein Ray represented one of Europe’s largest contracting firms in a dispute against a Canadian crown corporation valued at more than $600 million (CAD) relating to the construction of a hydroelectric power generation facility. After an eight-week hearing in front of a panel of three arbitrators, which featured live video testimony from witnesses located in Europe, South America, and North America during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Stein Ray’s client defeated claims made against it, and successfully recovered more than $100 million.
  • Stein Ray helped one of the world’s top EPCM firms defeat claims of nearly $1 billion (CAD) relating to the design, procurement, and construction management of a $6 billion ore processing plant in Atlantic Canada.  Following a five-week arbitration hearing in Toronto, the panel issued the award that not only rejected the claims against our client, but also awarded our client full recovery on its counterclaim and attorney fees.
  • Following a two-week arbitration hearing, Stein Ray helped a top U.S. contractor defeat more than $80 million in claims relating to a power generation facility in the U.S. Midwest, and obtain an award of more than $40 million on its own claims.
  • In the defense of the one of the largest North American claims ($8 billion) against an EPCM joint venture, Stein Ray was part of the team which obtained a full defense award.
  • As counsel for an EPCM contractor, Stein Ray obtained an award for the entirety of the claimed amount of $8 million dollars related to the design and construction of a fertilizer plant.
  • Stein Ray successfully defended an EPC firm against delay and cost overrun claims in excess of $200 million in connection with a gas processing facility in Western Canada.
  • Stein Ray defended a major EPC firm on a $100 million claim in connection with a chemical processing facility in Arkansas.
  • Stein Ray recovered for an EPC contractor the entirety of a claimed amount of $8 million in an arbitration involving a fertilizer plant.
  • As counsel for the US subsidiary of a Canadian pipeline company, Stein Ray prosecuted claims in arbitration for engineering defects occurring along a 2,000 mile oil pipeline. The claims included delay, soil subsidence, and pipe support design.
  • Stein Ray defended an owner of a $50 million resort from
    contractor claims and prosecuted the owner’s defective work claims in a bench trial spanning 20 weeks.
  • Stein Ray defended an owner against a Type II subsurface soil condition claim and prosecuted a claim for diesel engine design defects at a Guatemalan power plant resulting in an award worth $80 million to Stein Ray’s client.
  • Stein Ray successfully defended a major water treatment company from a claim of $6 million which arose from the construction of an Arizona power plant and recovered the full contract balance of $2 million.
  • Stein Ray recovered $6.2 million (Canadian Dollar) against Underwriter’s for coverage for liquidated damages assessed against a top 5 EPC firm in connection with the late mechanical completion of one of Canada’s
    largest alcohol distilleries.
  • Stein Ray obtained an arbitration award on behalf of an EPC
    contractor against an erection subcontractor for a waste water treatment system.
  • Stein Ray prosecuted and defended delay claims in an arbitration which included 90 days of evidence.
  • Stein Ray defended an environmental engineering firm from a $15 million claim for breach of contract in connection with Army Corp of Engineers directed remediation work.
  • Stein Ray obtained a defense verdict in a $20 million claim arising from wrongful death and personal injuries incurred in the
    collapse of structural steel for the New Chicago Post Office.
  • Stein Ray won a $1.4 million jury verdict against Northwest Airlines for a computer integration firm in a breach of contract action over preliminary design services. The jury returned its verdict after a three-week trial. In addition, the jury found in favor of Stein Ray’s client on the defendant’s counterclaim for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Stein Ray won a $1.8 million dollar jury verdict for a mechanical subcontractor for delays, work acceleration and lost profits arising from the construction of a civic arena.