Strategic Project Dispute Counsel

Stein Ray LLP serves as strategic project counsel on construction projects that are at risk of becoming disputed, contentious, or distressed – or that have already become so. We help our clients position themselves in the best way to achieve the optimal commercial outcomes by providing strategic advice and managing dispute-related aspects of project management.

Our strategic project counsel services are tailored to the circumstances of each client and each project. Many cases benefit from building the best possible project record to position the dispute in the most favorable way for trial or arbitration – or to achieve a successful negotiated outcome from a position of strength. Other cases require the crafting of creative dispute resolution strategies, careful management of project and stakeholder relationships, precise and focused communications with project counterparties, or timely identification of key strategic resources required for the successful defense or prosecution of a claim. And others require skilled negotiations of interim agreements that achieve or preserve the best commercial and claim posture.

Many contentious projects later end up in litigation and arbitration. In most cases, the best way to avoid the dispute is the same as the best way to win it: by being more strategic, more prepared, and more organized than the other side. Because disputes are our sole focus, we have the unique expertise to help position our clients in the best way to achieve that goal.