AIA Legal Citator

The AIA Legal Citator is the only case finder authorized by the AIA, and the only one that lists and digests key federal and state decisions that interpret the widely used AIA construction contracts and related documents.

The AIA Legal Citator:

  • is keyed to standard AIA contracts by specific numbered article or paragraph
  • differentiates between various versions of the same standard contract
  • uses a case reference numbering system that lets you easily identify the jurisdiction and date of each decision
  • lists all of the contract provisions at issue in each digested case

The AIA Citator is divided into two main sections — Document-to-Case Charts and Cases — which enable an attorney to move swiftly from contract provisions to the cases that interpret them. The Document-to-Case Charts direct you to cases discussing a particular AIA document, by section. The Cases section offers summaries providing the background of each case and a discussion of the relevant AIA or similar type language involved. Case digests are provided for all cases decided since 1974. The Document-to-Case Charts list three types of cases:

  • cases involving an AIA document or identical language
  • cases probably involving an AIA document provision or similar language
  • cases that are analogous and helpful

Steven G.M. Stein is the Editor-in-Chief of the AIA Legal Citator.  It is published by Matthew Bender Elite Products and available through the Lexis-Nexis Store.

How to Use the Citator

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